Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to clearly define how US Poker Kings handles and protects visitors’ personal information. Our privacy policy describes how personally identifiable information is collected and reported.

What Information Is Collected?

The information collected from website visitors includes, but isn’t limited to, the name and email address. We may use this information only with your express consent and if you provide it.

Our website uses cookies that collect non-sensitive information through your browser like your computer’s IP address. We keep track of the number of visits on the site and monitor user behavior for analytical purposes. These analytics don’t include any personally identifiable information and don’t endanger your privacy.

Using cookies is standard practice for the majority of websites on the internet. It is used solely to improve user experience. Refer to the Cookie Policy below.

Our website contains links to third-party websites. This is in accordance with our affiliate program. As discussed in the Terms and Conditions, we can’t be held accountable for anything that happens on third-party websites. We also can’t guarantee the safety of your personal information while you’re there.

How Is the Collected Information Used?

We won’t use your email information to send you promotional content without your explicit consent. If we ask you to provide personal information, we will always clearly state the reasons behind it. Your collected data may be used for:

  • Improved user experience based on your specific needs and browsing preferences. It can help us push the content that’s relevant to you.
  • Better insight into on-site problems and faster error-detection.
  • Easier dispute settlement and response to reported issues.

Who Is the Collected Information Shared With?

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute collected information about our users. We may disclose your personal information only in these circumstances:

  • If it’s required by law
  • If it has to be done to protect the property and rights of US Poker Kings
  • If we detect illicit or fraudulent activities on your part
  • If we detect harmful behavior or threats to others by your communication on our website.

Cookie Policy

“Cookies” are small files websites use to customize your online experience. These cookies collect non-sensitive information about your device and help websites present you with more relevant results or offer specific content based on your browsing history. Cookies are not malware and won’t hurt your device in any way. Most websites use them but are obliged to notify users about it. You can accept or decline cookies but if you choose the latter, you risk not having a very optimized browsing experience.

If you want to disable cookies that are already on your device, you can follow browser-specific procedures described here: