Affiliate Disclosure

Why Affiliates?

Every website has to pay its bills. It’s not easy to produce so much content, review all those sites, and provide visitors with the ultimate list of poker sites. The same goes for US Poker Kings.

A review of a poker platform involves depositing funds and actually playing at the site. If you consider the amount of content we’ve already produced, you can imagine how taxing that can be on our budget. Therefore, we needed a way to generate revenue without affecting you, our valued reader.

While other websites go for ads or paid content, we’ve decided on a completely different route. We chose to use affiliate links and thus keep our site clean of intrusive ads.

How Does the Affiliate System Work?

Everything on our website is completely free. We don’t ask our visitors to pay to access our articles, subscribe to memberships, or purchase anything on our site. We also keep our website completely ad-free. As you may have already noticed, there are no banners or annoying pop-ups around here.

We only get paid if you visit any of the outgoing links to the gambling sites featured on our pages. These are called affiliate links. How do they work? Once you visit and play at a casino we wrote about, we get a small commission from that partner. Most importantly, we never become affiliated with a website before reviewing it. We strive to provide you with honest and reliable information, first and foremost.

We Respect Your Privacy

Another important note – we do not gather any information about our visitors. These aren’t tracking cookies, just plain links that tell the website a visit came from one of its partners. The only data we have is the number of clicks on the affiliate links, and that’s it. All we ask in return are your clicks, and we’ll keep providing you with the reviews of the best places to play poker online.