Poker Hand Ranking Chart – How to Evaluate Your Cards


What’s the best hand in poker?

The best hand is called a royal flush. It’s an ace high straight flush. The royal flush is the best hand you can get in any variant of poker that allows five cards. (There are a few three-card games.) Royal flushes are the best stud, draw, and Texas Hold ’em hands you can get.

What beats what in poker?

If you consult the chart at the top of this page, you’ll have a clear idea of which hands are stronger than the others in poker. Friends and family members might let you consult the chart when learning how to play poker. More experienced players probably will not, and if you plan to participate in a serious poker game, being aware of all the hands in poker and how they rank is a prerequisite. Here’s the full card hierarchy you should know:

1. Royal Flush
2. Straight Flush
3. Four of a Kind
4. Full House
5. Flush
6. Straight
7. Three of a Kind
8. Two pairs
9. One Pair
10. High Card

Is three pairs a poker hand?

Even in games like seven-card stud, each player’s hand is made up of the best five cards. This means that three pairs are not a legitimate poker hand. If you have three pairs, only the top two pairs are considered when determining the winner. If you take a look at the ranking of poker hands, you’ll see that three pairs aren’t listed.

What beats a full house in poker?

A full house is a good hand. It can be beaten only by four of a kind, a straight flush, or a royal flush.

Does a straight beat a flush?

If there is one part of hand ranking that confuses new players, this is it. A flush is a better hand than a straight.
If you need help determining what beats what in poker, make sure you take a look at the poker hand ranking chart at the top of this page.