Is Poker Good For The Brain?


Is playing poker good for the brain?

There is a lot of thinking that goes into developing an effective poker strategy. And thinking contributes to the development and preservation of brain cells. Ultimately, poker makes your brain better at focusing, controlling your emotions, and exercising patience.

Does playing poker make you smarter?

Poker is a game that forbids you to rely on your emotions. It forces you to analyse and assess risk using certain techniques that are centered on patience and reducing your anxiety levels. In other words, the game is a major brain workout, teaching you how to stay emotion-neutral and highly disciplined.

Why is poker good for you?

Poker is a skill game that can improve your decision-making abilities in everyday life. Over the years, research has shown that there are numerous other benefits to playing poker. But is poker good for the brain? Well, by learning how to manage risk and read their opponents, poker players are stimulating their neocortex. This part of the brain is involved in sensory perception, cognition, and spatial reasoning.