The Biggest Poker Wins of the World Series of Poker


How many places get paid in the World Series of Poker?

Everyone’s curious about how payments work for WSOP tournaments. It all depends on which part of the tournament you’re taking part in and how high the buy-ins are. This WSOP payment structure is intended to attract both new and experienced players. Even low-level players take home some cash, since approximately 15% of all players get a payment that’s higher than their buy-in.

The public focuses on the main players and the main table, but there are qualifying events and online tournaments all year long. Of course, when it comes to payouts, WSOP main event winners are the biggest names. Each of the top nine players at the main event takes home at least $1 million.

Can you win real money on WSOP?

Yes, you certainly can. There’s plenty of real money to be won there. The biggest prizes are there for professional players and those who have been in the game for a long time, but there are smaller buy-ins and tournament events that are there for semi-professionals and aspiring amateurs as well. The biggest wins in poker history go as high as a million dollars per game, but there are thousands of unnamed players at each event.

When it comes to smaller prizes, it’s important to compare them to the buy-in for getting into a tournament. The awards will be lower for games with a smaller buy-in, and the buy-in for the main event is $10,000. There are players who have been able to get the top prizes when starting from a small online game, but that takes skill, effort, and luck.

How much is a WSOP bracelet worth?

The bracelet started as a humble token for winners, and at first it was worth about $500. However, as the prestige of the event has grown, so has the bracelet’s value – and the effort that goes into making and designing it. At this point, the bracelet is the most sought-after reward beyond the WSOP final table payouts themselves.

There’s no confirmation about the value of the bracelet for the last WSOP tournament, but it’s believed to be worth about $500,000 in addition to whatever value it has as a commemoration of the event. At this point, bracelets have been won four times in a row by three players. No one has yet won five in a row.